Major Requirements

The psychology major at Bethany is designed to introduce you to the science of individual and group human behavior. We provide a core curriculum that covers the essential elements of the broad field of psychology. As you progress further into the major, you will choose an area of emphasis that allows you to focus on a more specific area of psychology. You are encouraged to participate in the multiple internship and volunteer opportunities we have arranged with agencies off campus. These experiences will also help you to decide exactly what job or graduate training is best for you given your individual strengths.

Bethany's Christian focus helps you to develop an understanding of human behavior in relationship to the Christian faith. Students develop a deeper understanding of the value of Christian stewardship, living a life of service before God. Graduates are able to weigh evidence, tolerate ambiguity, and act ethically.


A master’s degree is required for most jobs in counseling, testing, or consulting. Doctoral degrees qualify recipients for more advanced positions. For this reason, nearly half of our students pursue graduate training. Students who choose to enter the workforce directly find work with the following employers:

  • Agencies for those with disabilities
  • Chemical dependency clinics
  • Community resource agencies
  • Criminal justice system
  • Early childhood settings
  • Eating disorder clinics
  • Federal, state, or local government
  • Health care industries
  • Research and assessment settings
  • Social service agencies

Entry into the Major

Psychology majors must complete a formal application and interview after completing one college semester. The following qualifications will be necessary for acceptance into the major:

  • An overall GPA of 2.5 or above
  • A grade of “C” or above in PSYC210, PSYC220
  • Successful completion of an interview by the department

A major in psychology requires a minimum of 37 credits: 25 core credit requirements and a minimum of 12 additional credits in a selected emphasis.

Required pre-major courses:

Core Requirements

Understanding the field of psychology:

Understanding human behavior:

Understanding the basics of research:

Training in helping skills:

General Emphasis

  • Any four upper division electives offered by the psychology (PYSC) department (12 cr.)

Counseling Emphasis

Industrial/Organizational Emphasis