Andrew Schmiege

Andrew Schmiege

  • Languages
  • Adjunct Faculty - Spanish


  • B.A., Martin Luther College, Minnesota, 2011
  • M.A., Middlebury College, Vermont, 2012
  • Studied Abroad in Madrid, 2011-2012


I am originally from Chesaning, Michigan, and my passion for Spanish began at Michigan Lutheran Seminary. While attending Martin Luther College I participated in three travel abroad trips to Ecuador and Argentina for six weeks each. I have also traveled for short visits to Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, and Puerto Rico. This coming year I will apply to various Ph.D. programs where I hope to continue my studies and investigations in Spanish literature.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning a new language consists of much more than simply translating one set of vocabulary into another. The second language requires an enormous amount of practice over a long period of time. It is a skill that must be experimented with and adjusted in a variety of contexts rather than a set of facts to be memorized. Language also encompasses culture, which has a profound influence in the identity of its speakers. Therefore, I believe an eclectic approach is the most effective manner to teach a second language. The Spanish-only classroom \produces an atmosphere where the student is forced to communicate in the target language; and in so doing, they internalize and reproduce the information as soon as they acquire it, so that it is not quickly forgotten.