Religion Major

In Bethany’s religion major, you will examine religion in the context of history, sociology, and philosophy. Our major assumes the perspective of confessional Lutheranism rooted in the Reformation heritage of Christ Alone. In this way our major is distinct from other religious studies programs.

Through your studies you will gain a deep understanding of Lutheran doctrine and tradition, the broader Christian tradition, and the fair comparison of that tradition with other major world religions. Additionally, the religion major provides a solid foundation for future studies in a variety of fields such as history, law, the social sciences, literature, and public administration. Read our major requirements.

Potential Careers
• Church development
• Missionary outreach
• Community
• Religious life
• Counseling/crisis  
• Social services
• Family life center
• Youth organizations

Meet the Faculty

Mark DeGarmeaux
Ted Manthe
Don Moldstad
Tom Rank
Steve Reagles
Tim Schmeling
Shawn Stafford
Erling Teigen