Robert Ring

Robert Ring

Adjunct Faculty - English
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I was born in Faribault, Minnesota, and lived there until my family moved five years later. this would begin a pattern of moves that would continue until the present. I began my educarion the following year in a two-room country school. Two years later we moved back to Faribault for one year, then Mucsatine, Iowa, for six months and on to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Each of these moves involved a new school and new teachers and new friends. We stayed in Mt. Pleasant for six years before moving to Pontiac, Illinois. One year in Pontiac and it was back to Mt. Pleasant for two years and the circle completed itself with my senior year of high school in Faribault. All of this led to my introduction to Bethany. It was there I met my future wife Jae, who remained my rock until her death in 1999. A degree from Mankato State allowed me to accept a call to Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During those years we raised two wonderful daughters. In 2003 I took my daughters' advice and returned to Minnesota and have been teaching College Writing since then.

Academic Interests

My academic interests have always involved teaching, but the areas of concentration have changed several times from political science, to history, and eventually English.  After graduating from MSU with a major in English and a minor in history, I eventually returned to MSU for a Master's degree in reading so I could work with challenged high school students. Along the way, I earned credits from MSU, MLC, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, and UW-Whitewater, as well as Bethany. All of this allowed me to teach literature, reading, and writing as well as several opportunities in history, religion, and speech; even a sampling in math and driver's ed.

Personal Interests

My personal interests range from golf to grandchildren. For many years I coached basketball, beginning with Bethany High School boys, then Wisconsin Lutheran boys and girls, and WLC men. In between these teams, I had the opportunity to initiate the Bethany women's basketball team and coached them for three years. I also coached track and football at Wisconsin Luteran and cross country at Bethany. My proudest achievement was coaching on the staff of two state championship teams, one in track and one in girl's basketball. In addition to coaching, I also have a very messy woodworking shop on my daughter's farm where I specialize in making sawdust. Other interests of mine include reading and crossword puzzles. I even do a little writing.