Child of Grace (2010)

Child of Grace is about a woman who lives daily with a secret. Through the years she separates herself from most of her family and attempts to cope with the past the only way she thinks possible, alone. The play focuses on guilt, forgiveness, and the bonds between a mother and her children. Child of Grace is an original script, written by recent Bethany graduate Emily Kimball and premieres on the Bethany stage, directed by Peter Bloedel.




Child of Grace


Ruth: Audrey Rehwaldt
Danny: Michael Lillienthal
Julie: Kristin Carr
Sam: Josh Mayer
Craig: Jon Basel
Nancy: Bria Carr
Doctor: Benjamin Tecken
Nurse: Bethany Jebbett
Shelley: Cassie Wierschke
Lisa: Alyssa Gratz
Brenda: Ellen Tommerdahl
Sara: Amy Mickelson


Playwright and Dramaturg: Emily Kimball
Director: Peter Bloedel
Set Designer: Matthew Caron
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Costume Designer: Brittany Katuin
Sound Designer: Lydia Grabau
Scene Shop Supervisor/Technical Director: John Merseth, Jr.
Stage Manager: Sarah Webber
Assistant Stage Manager: Christina Asburry
Assistant Lighting Designer: Stephanie Heidorn
Props Master: Jenna Cornish, Lydia Grabau
Poster Design: Ruth Wels
Light Crew: Lydia Grabau, Christina Asburry, Daniel Rysavy, Ben Lilienthal, Ezra Grabau, Bria Carr, Jon Basel
Dressing/Running Crew: Rosanna Barker, Janeen Leisses
Set Crew: James Hohenstein, Andrew Asp, Michael Grunke, Amy Anderson, Alexander Berg, Kristie Brown, Caitlin Schlawin, Karen Wagner, Rosanna Barker, William Tatge, Josh Wierschke, Bethany Jebbet, Benjamin Lilienthal, Sarah Kruckeberg, Sarah Riese, Audrey Rehwaldt, Jessica Were, Laura Wagner, Mark Anderson, Kai Kaniess