Blood Wedding (2011)

In a small rural village in Spain, a son has decided to marry a young woman from a neighboring village. His mother, overprotective after the deaths of her older son and husband at the hands of the Felix family, worries about his choice of bride and his departure from home. When they meet the bride and her father, the marriage is approved and the bridegroom is thrilled. However, the bride is secretly still in love Leonardo, a member of the Felix family. The wedding goes on and the guests start arriving, all while the bride is struggling with inner turmoil: can she be content in her choice of groom or will she be magnetically pulled to her other love, the enemy’s son? Secrets are revealed and choices are made that create chaos and havoc on the wedding day. Will the bride and groom end up together? Will the enemy prevail? How much blood will be spilled, and is it fate or is it chance?

Bethany Lutheran College production of Blood Wedding directed by Matthew Caron, April 2011.

By Federico García Lorca

Blood Wedding


Mother: Alyssa Gratz
Bridegroom: Michael Grunke
Neighbor: Victoria Tecken
Wife: Ellen Tommerdahl
Mother-in-Law: Audrey Rehwaldt
Leonardo: Jon Basel
Father: Ethan Bartlett
Bride: Emily Valerio
Maid: Christina Asburry
Wedding Guests: Moriah Barker, Rosanna Barker, Rachel Carter, Ezra Grabau, Stephanie Heidorn, Courtney Nelson, Johanna Sehloff, Ben Tecken, Laura Wagner
Young Men: Andrew Asp, James Hohenstein
Woodcutters: Zeke Bartlett, Tyler Driscoll, Rae Gleason
Moon: Olivia Owen
Beggar Woman: Jessica Mueller
Girls: Jordan Fassler, Amy Jo Mickelson, Jessica Werre


Director: Matthew Caron
Scene Designer: Matthew Caron
Costume Designer: Britt Katuin
Assistant Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Costume Crew: Bethany Jebbett, Janeen Leisses,  Amber Nord, Caitlin Schlawin, Amber Senecal  
Wardrobe Crew: Jenna Cornish, Amanda Nusser
Makeup Designer: Olivia Owen
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Assistant Lighting Designer: Lydia Grabau
Lighting Crew: Christina Asburry, Jon Basel, Ezra Grabau, Stephanie Heidorn, Daniel Rysavy, Heather Steingraber, Shane Thalmann, Josh Wierschke
Spot Light Operators: Janeen Leisses, Alissa Kludtke
Sound Designer/Composer: Cody Hardin
Choreographer: Susana di Palma
Scene Shop Supervisor/Technical Director: John Merseth, Jr.
Stage Manager: Alicia Wheelock
Assistant Stage Manager: Heather Steingraber
Dramaturg: Lissa Horneber
Properties Master: Jenna Cornish
Poster Design: Stephanie Erlandson
Box Office: Evan Oman, Courtney Shadbolt
Set Crew: Amy Anderson, Christina Asburry, Rosanna Barker, Kristie Brown, Lydia Grabau, Evan Oman, Catlin Schlawin, William Tatge, Wagner Karen, Josh Wierschke, Cassandra Wierschke, Bethany Jebbett, Elyce Jaeger, Andrew Asp, Moriah Barker, Jon Basel, Zac Dahlke, Noah Heidorn, Keyth Hendricks, Nate Lee, Janeen Leisses, Amy Mickelson, Amber Nord, Dan Rysavy, Mandy Schultz, Amber Senecal, Shane Thalmann, Sarah Webber, Brittany Werden