Very Good Eddie (2012)

Eddie Kettle is a very short young man. He is newly married to Georgina, who is spectacularly tall. They honeymoon aboard a Hudson River Day Line. Also on board: Percy Darling, an athlete, who is spectacularly tall, and his new wife, Elsie (very, very short). Chaos ensues when two honeymooning couples cross paths and trade partners…. accidentally. The vaudeville adventure continues while the mismatched couples find their way to each other and somehow, true love prevails.

Artistic Direction by Ann Fredrickson
Musical Direction by Dennis Marzolf

Music by Jerome Kern, Lyrcis by Schuyler Green, Book by Philip Bartholomae and Guy Bolton

Very Good Eddie


Ship Steward: Michael Grunke
Madame Matroppo, a voice teacher with a colorful past: Annalise Tecken
Elsie Lilly, Madame Matroppo’s favorite student and Eddie Kettle’s former sweetheart: Kristin Carr

Voice Students
Lily Pond: Breanna Londgren
Crystal Poole: Jessica Mueller
Carrie Closewell: Sarah Elder
Alwys Innit: Carissa Ott

Honeymoon Couple Number One
Eddie Kettle: Nick Lilienthal
Georgiana Kettle: Thalia Pollard

Honeymoon Couple Number Two
Percy Darling: Andrew Soule
Elsie Kettle: Olivia Lee

Dick Rivers, “Man About Town,” currently infatuated with Elsie Lilly, went to college with Eddie and Percy: Mike Harting
L.C. de Rougemont, a French tourist who likes all the girls: David Ott
Ship Passenger: Alan K. Everett
Hotel Clerk: Michael Grunke

Chorus of Voice Students and Pleasure Seekers (The Bethany Choraliers): 
Moriah Barker, Lindsay Brech, Molly Brueske, Nicole Dufon, Emily Dworak, Amy Edmison, Rachel Enstad, Alan K. Everett, Becca Grove, Mark Gullixson, Chris Harman, Eileen Heintz, Emily Heintz, Hank Heyer, Amanda Johnson, Kara Ketcher, Rosita Klunkenfass, Collin Kubista, Arthur Langhorst, Lydia Langhorst, Janeen Leisses, Becky Reidiger, Zach Rinehart, Joe Ringen, Dan Ruiz, Becky Smith, Will Soule, Elisabeth Urtel, Catharine Webber, Brian Wentzel, Shelby Witt, Anna Wright


Artistic Director: Ann Fredrickson
Musical Director: Dennis Marzolf
Assistant Director: Heather Hjelle
Set Design/Technical Director: John Merseth
Costume Designer: Brittany Katuin
Lighting Designer: Stephanie Heidorn
Stage Manager: Christina Asburry
Assistant Stage Manager: Kaitlyn Bryant
Choreographers: Jessica Mueller, Carissa Ott
Props Master: Rae Gleason
Spotlight Operators: Lydia Grabau, Cassie Wierschke
Electrics Crew: Christina Asburry, Zeke Bartlett, Jon Basel, Landon Brands, Kaitlyn Bryant, Ezra Grabau, Lydia Grabau, Hank Heyer, August Jeske, Karen Wagner, Cassie Wierschke
Costume Crew: Amy Edmison, Bethany Jebbett, Caitlin Schlawin
Set Crew: Christina Asburry, Zeke Bartlett, Nicholas Croy, Emily Dworak, Lydia Grabau, Henry Heyer, Janeen Leisses, Nick Lilienthal, Evan Oman, Melissa Owen, Caitlin Schlawin, Karen Wagner, Ryan Walter, Cassie Wierschke, Jacob Vatndal, Joan Zastrow, Amy Edmison, Eileen Heintz, Anna Tecken, Moriah Barker, Landon Brands, Sarah Kruckeberg, Stephanie Heidorn, Kaitlyn Bryant, Shelby Witt
The Peripatetic Pit Players: Moriah Barker, Leah Kurth, Joe Ringen, Zach Rinehart, Dave Zarrett