The Tempest (2012)

William Shakespeare’s classic The Tempest was performed at Bethany in April 2012, and directed by Benji Inniger.




The Tempest


Prospera, the rightful Duchess of Milan: Melissa Bergemann
Miranda, Prospera’s daughter: Audrey Rehwaldt
Ariel, a spirit of the island: Alyssa Gratz
Caliban, son of the witch Sycorax and servant to Prospera: August Jeske
Ferdinand, Prince of Naples and Alonso’s son: David Ott
Alonso, King of Naples: Hank Heyer
Sebastiana, Alonso’s sister: Emily Dworak
Antonio, the usurping Duke of Milan and Prospera’s brother: Jon Basel
Gonzalo, a counselor who gave aid to Prospera: Ben Tecken
Trinculo, a jester in service to Alonso: Melissa Owen
Stephano, a butler in service to Alonso: Andrew Asp
Boatswain, in service to Alonso: Nick Lilienthal
Ceres, a spirit of the island: Moriah Barker
Iris, a spirit of the island: Olivia Lee
Juno, a spirit of the island: Annalise Tecken


Scenic Designer and Scene Shop Supervisor: John Merseth
Costume Designer: Brittany Katuin
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Sound Design: Victoria Tecken 
Technical Director: John Merseth
Stage Manager: Christina Asburry
Props Master: Stephanie Heidorn
Dramaturge: Jessica Were
Assistant Stage Manager: Catherine Penning
Assistant Lighting Designer: Lydia Grabau
Assistant Properties Master: Zeke Bartlett
Dresser/Stagehand: Kaitlyn Bryant, Amy Jo Mickelson
Light Board Operator: Cassie Wierschke
Follow Spot Operators: Aimee Bruss, Antonia Langr
Electrics Crew: Christina Asburry, Zeke Bartlett,  Jon Basel, Steph Heidorn, Hank Heyer
Set Crew: Steph Heidorn, Moriah Barker, Emily Dworak, Zeke Bartlett, Ezra Grabau, Lydia Langhorst, Lydia Grabau, Henry Heyer, Melissa Owen, Ryan Walter, Caitlin Schlawin, Cassie Wierschke, Brianna Dodgen, Jacob Vatndal, Ben Tecken, Molly Brueske, Hanna Beussman, Brittany Titus, Shane Moore, Amy Edmison, Shelby Witt, Jessica Mueller, Zac Carlson