H.M.S. Pinafore (2013)

Captain Corcoran, the commander of HMS Pinafore, has a daughter named Josephine.  Josephine is to be engaged to Sir Joseph Porter, the Admiralty’s First Lord (who always travels with a large entourage of sisters, and cousins, and aunts). This would be a great marriage for Josephine and for her father the Captain, because of the added social security of an increase in societal rank and privilege. Josephine does not love Sir Joseph. She is in love with Ralph Rackstraw, a lowly sailor on the Pinafore.  Her heart is torn between love and reason. How can she choose? In time it appears that she has cast her lot with love rather than rank, and dire consequences unfold. But things are seldom what they seem, because Little Buttercup, a purveyor of ribbons and trinkets and dark secrets, knows something that can unravel even the most carefully contrived plans of sailors, lords, and lovers. 

Artistic Direction by Ann Fredrickson
Musical Direction by Dennis Marzolf

By W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

HMS Pinafore


Captain Corcoran: August Jeske
Josephine: Emily Dworak
Ralph Rackstraw: Luke Meilner
The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Porter, KCB: David Ott
Dick Deadeye: Nicholas Lilienthal
Bill Bobstay: Zachary Rinehart
Bob Becket: Benjamin Schultz
Hebe: Annalise Tecken
Little Buttercup: Kristin Carr
Chorus of Sailors, the First Lord’s Sisters, his Cousins, his Aunts, his female Facebook friends, etc. (The Bethany Choraliers): Jenna Albrecht, Brittany Boyum, Lindsay Brech, Molly Brueske, Kayla Ann Busch, Coryn Deem, Amy Edmison, Aaron Faugstad, Joel Faugstad, Kathryn Faugstad, Rae Gleason, Michael Harting, Eileen Heintz, Ivy Heintz, Desdemona Klunkenfass, Amanda Johnson, Lydia Langhorst, Olivia Lee, Janeen Leisses, Kristian Marzolf, Jaakob Maunula, Elisa Mayer, Triah Meyer, Megan Poehler, Kate Ruschmeyer, Anna Schroeder, David Schwark, Elisabeth Urtel, Ethan Urtel


Artistic Director: Ann Fredrickson
Musical Director: Dennis Marzolf
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Assistant Lighting Designer: Hank Heyer
Stage Manager: Christina Asburry
Assistant Stage Manager: Lydia Grabau & Joey Steinbach
Choreographer: Carissa Ott
Props Master: Amy Mickelson 
Scene Designer/Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor: John E Merseth, Jr.
Electrics Crew: Christina Asburry, Lydia Grabau, David Ott
Costume Crew: Melissa Bergeman, Emily Dworak, Rae Gleason, Amanda Johnson, Kaitlyn Schlawin, Adrian Whitney
Set Crew: Christina Asburry, Moriah Barker, Zeke Bartlett, Zachary Carlson, Lydia Grabau, Hayden Hough, Amanda Johnson, Joseph Lundsten, David Ott, Melissa Owen, Joey Steinbach, Adrian Whitney

The Peripatetic Pit Players:
Laura Matzke, piano
Dennis Marzolf, piano
Moriah Barker, violin 
Aimee Bruss, percussion
Kayla Ann Busch, French horn
Kirsten Johnson, flute
Janeen Leisses, soprano saxophone
Tarja Maunula, percussion
Zachary Rinehart, trumpet
Ben Schultz, violin
Grace Stromer, violin