Hamlet (2013)

The classic Shakespeare tragedy Hamlet was performed in the Sigurd K. Lee Theater of the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center on the campus of Bethany Lutheran College. Directed by Peter Bloedel, performances were held on April 19, 20, 21, 26, and 27, 2013.

When Elsinore Castle in Denmark is visited by the ghost of Prince Hamlet’s father, the tale of intrigue and suspense begins. Hamlet learns from the ghost that his Uncle Claudius is responsible for his father’s death and usurping the throne. Hamlet sets out on a tangled mission of revenge and justice.





Francisco: Alex Sina
Bernardo: Zeke Bartlett
Horatio: Nick Lilienthal
Marcellus: Melissa Bergemann
The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father: Andrew Asp
King Claudius: August Jeske
Queen Gertrude: Kristin Carr
Polonius: Aaron Wendorff
Hamlet: Michael Lilienthal
Laertes: David Ott
Ophelia: Olivia Lee
Rosencrantz: Ezra Grabau
Guildenstern: Hank Heyer
Gentlewoman: Jessica Mueller
Player King: Zeke Bartlett
Player Queen: Moriah Baker
Player Poisoner (Lucianus): Alex Sina
Dumbshow Player King: Melissa Owen
Dumbshow Player Queen: Jessica Mueller
Dumbshow Player Poisoner: Alyssa Gratz
A Servant/Messenger: Alex Sina
Sailor: Moriah Baker
First Clown (gravedigger): Andrew Asp
Second Clown (gravedigger): Melissa Owen
Priest: Jaakob Maunula
Osric: Alyssa Gratz
Other parts played by members of the company.


Director/Scenic Designer/Scenic Artist: Peter Bloedel
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Sound Designer/Composer: Benji Inniger
Technical Director: John Merseth, Jr.
Stage Manager: Kaitlyn Bryant
Assistant Stage Manager/Properties Manager: Christy Stigen
Fire Arm Props: August Jeske
Hair and Make-Up: Emily Dworak
Light Board Operator: Cassie Wierschke
Sound Board Operator: Kasey Gratz
Wardrobe/Running Crew: Caitlyn Schlawin, Adrian Whitney
Dramaturg: Lydia Grabau
Scene Shop: Moriah Barker, Joseph Lundsten, Rachel Gleason, Amanda Johnson
Costume Crew: Christina Asburry, Rae Gleason, Lydia Grabau, Jessica Mueller, Amber Senecal, Caitlin Schlawin, Adrian Whitney, Emily Kimball