Theatre Physics 20 (2013)

The Bethany Theatre Department is celebrating the 20th year of the annual Theatre Physics performances. This exercise in creative energy features a variety of short scenes, all original material by Bethany students and theatre faculty written, rehearsed, and readied in three weeks.

Theatre Physics 2013

Molly Bruske
Emily Dworak
Scott Fassett
Joel Faugstad
Timmy Favorite
Lissa Horneber
Jason Jaspersen
Amanda Johnson
David Kelly
Emily Kimball
Alyssa Kludtke
Matthias Leyrer
Sarah Leyrer
Ben Lundsten
Alec Maertens
Jamin Schmitt
Simon Schmitt
John Schroeder
Steph Schroeder
Joey Steinboch
Bethany Thalman
Adrian Whitney
Josiah Willitz