Christ in Media Institute using tech for outreach

Dr. Tom Kuster (Director of the Christ in Media Institute) was recently featured on the WELSTech program where he explained the mission of the Institute and highlighted a new venture with students from Bethany Lutheran College, Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary, Luther High School, Northland Lutheran High School, Wisconsin Lutheran College, Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School, and St Croix Lutheran High School.

Dr. Kuster, who taught for 20 years on the BLC campus, is working on a new project designed to develop mobile apps with the purpose of placing Gospel messages on smartphones thoughout the world. Kuster explained that, worldwide, there will soon be more mobile devices than people on the earth. The possiblities for Gospel outreach are limitless. The participants in the project will meet in Mankato on the Bethany campus on March 22-23, 2014. Besides the team members working on the project, anyone interested in world mission work and mobile outreach strategies are invited to attend the conference.