The Voice of the Prairie (2014)

The Voice of the Prairie is a play centered around the time-honored tradition of storytelling. Flashing back between the 1890s and 1920s, the play follows David Quinn as he tells tales on the radio which is just making its way west. Most of David’s stories involve his youthful adventures with Frankie, a blind girl he rescued from a cruel father. He becomes famous on the radio until Frankie reenters his life thirty years later. Directed by Benji Inniger.

By John Olive



Voice of the Prairie


David Quinn: Zachery Temp
Davey: David Roemhildt
Frankie: Alyssa Gratz
Frances Reed: Anna Schroeder
Leon Schwab: Ezra Grabau
James: Nick Lilienthal
Susie: Katy Faugstad
Poppy/Musician: August Jeske
Various Characters/Musician: Hank Heyer
Musician: Ben Schultz


Director: Benji Inniger
Scenic Design and Scenic Artist: Peter Bloedel
Costume Design: Emily Kimball
Lighting Design: Jake Yenish
Sound Design: Benji Inniger
Hair and Makeup Design: Emily Dworak
Technical Director: John Merseth, Jr.
Original Music: Ben Schultz, Hank Heyer, August Jeske
Stage Manager: Kasey Jo Gratz
Assistant Stage Manager/Props Master: David Ott
Props Artisan: August Jeske
Lighting Operator: Cassie Wierschke
Sound Operator: Sarah Lai
Backstage Crew: Sarah Knutson, Emily Dworak
Set Crew: Moriah Barker, Joseph Lundsten, Dylan Neils, Elieen Heintz, Nick Lilienthal, Luke ThanMeilner, Julia Owen, David Roemhildt, Michael Schultz, Alycia Stack, Danielle Vetter, Amos Buelow, Kelsey Fick, Amanda Fisher, Shannon Heitz, Zachery Temp, William Meyer
Lighting Crew: Zeke Bartlett, Hank Heyer, Cassie Wierschke, Luke Meilner
Costume Crew: Emma Kinney, Alycia Stack, Erica Tischer
Poster Design: Megan Sauer