A Christmas Carol (2014)

A Christmas Carol is the classic Christmas favorite about the stingy moneylender Ebenezer Scrooge. In the course of one night, Ebenezer is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley, as well as the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. These ghostly encounters show him how to embrace the true Christmas spirit.

The Bethany Theatre Department presented A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted and directed by Prof. Peter Bloedel. Performances were November 14, 15, 16, 21, and 22, 2014, in the Sigurd Lee Theater of the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center at Bethany Lutheran College.

A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge: August Jeske
Bob Cratchit/Ensemble: Nick Lilienthal
Fred (Scrooge’s Nephew)/Dick/First Mourner/Ensemble: David Ott
Jacob Marley/Young Scrooge/Second Mourner/Ensemble: Nicholas Jones
Old Fezziwig/Undertaker/Joe the Pawnbroker/Ensemble: Aaron Wendorff
Ghost of Christmas Present/Grave Digger/Butcher/Ensemble: Amir Trotter
First Solicitor/Belle’s Husband/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/Ensemble: Dustin Edmison
School Mistress/Fred’s wife/Ensemble: Melissa Bergemann
Mrs. Cratchit/Narrator/Ensemble: Anna Schroeder
Mrs. Fezziwig/Ensemble: Annaliese Tecken
Belle/Ensemble: Katy Faugstad
Martha Cratchit/Fezziwig daughter/Ensemble:  Brittany Boyum
Belinda Cratchit/Fezziwig daughter/Fred’s housekeeper/Ensemble: Sarah Roemhildt
Laundress/Ensemble: Sarah Knutson
Second Solicitor/Fezziwig daughter/Third Mourner/Ensemble: Emily Dworak
Caroling Girl/Child of Belle/Ensemble: Mizha Overn
Little Fan/Ensemble: Madeline Halvorson
Ghost of Christmas Past/Want/Ensemble: Ingrid Bloedel
Lucy Cratchit/Child of Belle/Ensemble: Lexis Meunier
Child Ebenezer/Ignorance/Boy in the street/Ensemble: Daniel Norris
Youth Ebenezer/Caroling Boy/ Ensemble: Jacob Norris
Will/Peter Cratchit/Ensemble: Job Wosmek
Robin/School Mistress’s Lackey/Ensemble: Thomas Wosmek
Dash/Matthew Cratchit/Child of Belle/Ensemble: Matthew Strom
Tiny Tim: Caleb Hartwig
Fiddler at the Fezziwig Ball: Daniel Halvorson
Bassist at the Fezziwig Ball: John Halvorson


Director/Scene Designer: Peter Bloedel
Sound Designer: Benji Inniger
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Technical Director: John Merseth, Jr.
Stage Manager: Kasey Jo Gratz
Assistant Stage Manager: Patricia Lilienthal
Master Electrician/Sound Board Operator: Hank Heyer
Light Board Operator: Molly Brueske
Youth Supervisor: Lydia Lonnquist
Assistant Youth Supervisor: Kjerstin Wold
Wardrobe Crew: Natika Sterling and Bailey Bautch
Spot Light Operators: Kaitlyn Bryant and Elizabeth Austin
Hair & Makeup Crew: Elizabeth Eder
Lighting Crew: Hank Heyer, Molly Brueske, Tyler Voigt
Set Crew:  Tyler Behny, Justine Bennett, Amos Buelow, Kelsey Fick, Ivy Heintz, Hank Heyer, Brady Johnson, Nick Kost, Nick Lilienthal, Patricia Lilenthal, Mike Loguercio, David Ott, Julia Owen, David Roemhildt, Alissa Sauer, Megan Sauer, Michael Schultz, Sarah Knutson, Sarah Lai, Kasey Jo Gratz, Elsie Abrahamson, John Halvorson, Leah Hagen, Tyler Voigt, Carl Bloedel, Rev. Jeff Merseth
Costume Crew: Brittany Boyum, Lindsay Brech, Emily Dworak, Kaitlyn Bryant, Laura Kimball, Patti Lilienthal