Alyssa Rau

Alyssa is a Biology major from Sarona, Wisconsin.

Tell us about your internship with the DNR in Spooner, Wisconsin.
I worked mostly at the fish hatchery where I helped in the process of hatching eggs and transporting them to holding tanks and eventually into public lakes. I also had the opportunity to band geese, shock fish, and spray for an invasive plant species, Purple Loosestrife. All my experiences were very exciting and fun! The most difficult aspect would have to be the physical labor involved in spraying for Purple Lustrife. Purple Loosestrife thrives in bogs, which makes it very difficult to get close enough to the plant to spray and cut it. In order to get close you must pull your kayak through the mud then get out of your kayak and continue on foot, while being careful not to fall through the bog.

What activities are you involved in outside of the classroom?
I am involved in Bethany athletics on the tennis team. Tennis is definitely both a physical and mental sport. It feels great to get exercise and also to gain confidence in myself the more I practice. My teammates are fantastic! Everyone is very friendly and supportive. I have learned, once again, in life that attitude means everything. It’s amazing how much of a difference it is to play with a positive attitude, without getting down on yourself. Tennis has also taught me how to manage my time more efficiently.

Which Bethany course has been the most interesting to you and why?
Environmental Issues has been the most interesting course. We learned all about pollution and how unsafe many food products in grocery stores can be due to chemical use. It was very interesting to learn about the ecosystem and how it is such a closely knit arrangement of parts which do not function properly without every other piece in the proper place. We try too hard to change nature for our benefit. Nature is perfect without human interaction.

What is the best thing about being a Bethany student?
The best thing about being a Bethany student is having the opportunity to be part of a close community. At Bethany you become almost like family with your fellow classmates as well as your professors. There is a great sense of belonging here.