Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans

As an intern, Aaron worked with a company that specializes in video game capture for use in trailers to market and promote leading video game franchises.

Internship site: The Ant Farm in Los Angeles, California
Title: Games Department Intern
Hometown: North Mankato, Minnesota

Tell us about your responsibilities as an intern.
I primarily assist with game capture, recording footage from video games for use in trailers.

Who did you work with in the company or organization during your internship?
Game assistants and producers, capture directors, and freelancers. They are experts in their field, marketing and promoting the largest video game franchises in the world.

What has been the most rewarding part of this experience?
Seeing the finished projects come to life as a result of the many hours of hard work from the talented people at The Ant Farm. Also the fact that I got to be a small part of the process and thoroughly enjoyed it.

What did you learn about yourself by participating in an internship program?
I gained confidence in living on my own in a large metropolis far from home. I really felt God’s peace in everyday things like navigating the city and provision through some WELS pastors who gave me a really nice place to stay. I learned that my education and life experiences are not so different from those I work with as I thought they would be. I am humbled by the great work done by The Ant Farm. I gained a lot of confidence because I was able to learn quickly and my previous work-related and educational experiences really prepared me well for the internship.

How has your internship prepared you for your future?
I have a much better understanding of how an ad agency/post-house works and what they are looking for in their employees. I understand the technical details of the process better, logistical things like spreadsheets, naming conventions, and how game capture, editing, sound design, and graphics work together to make a compelling spot. I’ve gained a deeper knowledge of what producers do and how every individual fits into the process.