Craig Rossiter (’12)

Craig Rossiter (2012)Craig Rossiter, a 2012 Bethany graduate, went to graduate school for a Master’s in Actuarial Science and is now working in the actuarial field for American Family Insurance. He has already successfully passed 5 of the 10 actuarial exams.

WHAT YOU DO • • • I am an Actuarial Senior Analyst with American Family Insurance.  I work on a team that specializes in determining prices for auto insurance that is sold directly to consumers.  I calculate the numbers that are behind the scenes of auto insurance premiums.  I have to make sure that they are correct so that American Family will have enough money to cover all the claims that are filed. 

HOW YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE • • • I want to be able to pass all of my actuarial exams so that I can take on more of a leadership position within a company.  There could be a lot of changes on the horizon for the insurance industry and it would be great to be at the forefront of such crucial decision making.  Leadership would also allow me to provide guidance for younger actuaries.  I would be able to share my experiences with them by helping them learn the industry and navigating them through their exams.

HOW BETHANY HAS PREPARED YOU • • • Julie Kjeer made us work hard while in her classes. She also held our work to a high standard that I have carried on to my other work as well.

WHAT YOU REMEMBER MOST • • • My friends. Each day I think about how they are doing and where they are in their lives. Also, having chapel every day. I did not realize how much I would miss that.

ADVICE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS • • • Make friends and memories while you are at Bethany, time there goes a lot faster than you would think. I was finished with my degree in 4 years and those years flew by very quickly.