Koine To Play At Bethany

Koine, a Christian band will present a concert in Bethany’s Lee Theater on Tuesday, November 24 beginning at 7 p.m. Koine’s humble roots originate in the heartland of America, in a city known for its rich German history, its famous barley and hops, and many festivals – Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It’s here that five unique artists, each with their own talents and abilities, came together in 2003 to put a new twist on traditional, Christian music.  Staring at each other, blankly, with their instruments in one hand and their hymnals in the other, Koine set about reinventing the way we listen to hymns.

To date, Koine has toured across 35 states since its inception, producing seven studio albums and a repertoire of over 250 hymns and liturgical pieces.  They sell their CD’s all over the world in places as far Germany, Australia and Hong Kong.  This year alone, Koine will play around 200 events at churches, community festivals, grade schools, high schools, and colleges.  This is a full-time ministry for the members of the group, and is supported almost entirely by the generosity of people who come to their events.

Koine is a Greek word that means “common.”  Koine Greek was the language that the New Testament was originally written in.  It was a common language for the common man – everyone could understand it.  The members of Koine are common people too.  They play common instruments and common hymns that many know and enjoy.  The only extraordinary thing about Koine and what they do is the message that they proclaim through the music they play, the same message of the Bible – Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.

The group consists of: Brian Davison – vocals,  Seth Bauer – piano, Seth Kock – drums, Benj Lawrenz – guitar, and Matt Scott – bass.

For up-to-date information on Koine and to see their latest schedule, find Koine on facebook and visit www.koinemusic.com.