Leveling Up (2015)

Leveling Up synopsis: From the award winning playwright of End Days, Deborah Zoe Laufer, comes a story about three twenty-something roommates who are glued to their video games. They are masters of the virtual world behind the computer screens in their Las Vegas basement. When one of them uses his gaming skills to land a job with the National Security Agency launching actual drones and missiles, online battles begin to have real consequences. Leveling Up is a fresh, contemporary look at how we navigate the blurry line between worlds both virtual and real, and what it means to grow up. Directed by Benji Inniger.



Leveling Up


Ian: Hans Bloedel
Jeannie: Tessa Snyder
Chuck: Amir Trotter
Zander: David Roemhildt
Emcees: Beret Ouren and Lydia Lonnquist


Director and Sound Designer: Benji Inniger
Scenic Designer and Painter: Peter Bloedel
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Dramaturg: Molly Brueske
Stage Manager: Kasey Jo Gratz
Assistant Stage Manager: Patricia Lilienthal
Motion Graphics Designer: Kadyn Wishcop
Graphic Designer: John Meilner 
Lighting Operator: Noella Wigtil
Sound Operator: Sophia Weisensel
Scene Shop Supervisor: John Merseth
Set Crew: Isaiah Bergemann, Brittany Boyum, Amos Buelow, Kelsey Fick, Ivy Heintz, Caleb Helman, Lydia Hildebrandt, Sarah Knutson, Kiana Krszjzaniek, Olivia Lippert, Tyler Voigt, Lydia Lonnquist, Jessica Berlinger, Daniel Nusbaum and Noella Wigtil
Lighting Crew: Noella Wigtil, Daniel Nusbaum, Tyler Voigt and Lydia Lonnquist
Fine Arts Coordinator: Sue Harstad
Box Office Manager: Paul Wold