Icehouse (2016)

Icehouse synopsis: A bunch of ice-fishing buddies concoct a plan to entice their friend, Oskar, from Florida, to come back up north to Minnesota. Their enticement is to build “the grandmother” of all icehouses; a giant ice chateau, complete with a kitchen, opulent dining room, bedrooms, running water, a bathroom, a sauna, and, of course, ice fishing holes. The icehouse is obviously a huge undertaking, and has to be kept a secret from all of the guys’ wives. To the absolute joy of his friends, Oskar gets on board with the plan. However, he has another reason for coming back to Minnesota – a reason he hasn’t shared with his buddies. This hilarious comedy takes a playful look at northern “small town” culture that is emblematic of a simpler time around the end of the 20th century.

Written and Directed by Peter Bloedel





Ingrid: Sarah Roemhildt
Oskar: David Roemhildt
Arn: Gabriel Strawn
Conrad: Tony Cordes
Lars: Nick Kost
Camilla: Maren Thompson
Helen: Lydia Lonnquist
Wil: Tim Krause
Rita: Anna Meyer
Sarah: Emma Bloedel
Lenora: Jem Cordes
Erik: Ben Snyder
Michelle: Hailey Dick


Director: Peter Bloedel
Scene Design: Peter Bloedel
Costume Design: Emily Kimball
Lighting Design: Jake Yenish
Sound Design: Beret Ouren
Projection Design: Benji Inniger
Original Recorded Music: Peter Bloedel – twelve string guitar, mandolin, and banjo, Daniel Halvorson – fiddle, mandolin, and dobro, Beret Ouren – cello
Recording Engineer and Music Editing: Benji Inniger
Technical Director: John Merseth
Scene Shop Supervisor: John Merseth
Scene Painting: Peter Bloedel
Stage Manager: Leah Hagen
Assistant Stage Manager: Hans Bloedel
Prop Master: Hans Bloedel
Wardrobe: Noella Wigtil
Lightboard Operator: Caleb Helmen
Soundboard/Projections Operator: Tessa Snyder
Poster/Playbill Design: Joseph Kinstler
Set Crew: Gabby Baker, Hans Bloedel, Kenzie Batzel, Amos Buelow, Gustav Erlandsson, Caleb Helmen, Emmalyn Hislop,  Kristianna Hislop, Emma Krszjzaniek, Kiana Krszjzaniek, Kaitlin Lange, Josue Lobo, Lydia Lonnquist, Thomas Mamo, David Roemhildt, Joseph Roemhildt, John Wagner, Pani Poati, Sarah Knutson, Tessa Snyder, Claire Widmer, Abigail Merritt, Gwen Ward, Daniel Nusbaum, Marilyn Tona, Allie Lyo
Lighting Crew: Gustav Erlandsson, Allie Lyo, Jasmine Zhang
Playbill Layout: Leah Kurth
Fine Arts Coordinator: Susan Harstad
Box Office Managers: Paul Wold, Jake Yenish