Tell It To The Wind (2017)

The Bethany theatre department presents Tell It to the Wind: Folk Tales of the World, written and directed by Benji Inniger.

Folk tales are never static. These stories evolve every time they are told and every time they are heard. Tell It To The Wind is a world premier play inspired by a few of these captivating tales from Russian, Chinese, South African, Venezuelan, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, and Native American cultures. Some are familiar including source material for famous Disney movies or popular children’s books, whereas others are new to the stage but still have relevant and resonating messages about the human experience.

Tell It To The Wind is a family-friendly exploration of storytelling throughout magical worlds, featuring memorable characters, live music, dance, and puppetry.



Tell It To The Wind


Imba, Kukul, Manu: Hans Bloedel 
Ruslan, Chiruma, Ryujin: Tony Cordes 
Anastasia, Ikal: Olivia Lippert 
Spring, Hime: Lydia Lonnquist 
Anna, Nyoka: Anna Meyer 
Khuu, Lel, Mosi: David Roemhildt 
Wife, Mariama: Bailey Rogotzke 
Tsai, Yatzil: Tessa Snyder 
Narrator, Moon: Maren Thompson
Monster, Hila, Taro: Amir Trotter 
Snowmaiden: Gwendalyn Ward 
Motega, Husband, Kabil: Will Westedt 


Director: Benji Inniger
Scenic Designer and Painter: Peter Bloedel
Costume Design: Emily Kimball
Lighting Design: Jake Yenish
Sound Design: Benji Inniger
Composer and Music Director: Beret Ouren
Musicians: Beret Ouren, Daniel Halvorson, Nadine Van Zomerern
Dramaturgy: Patti Lilienthal
Choreographer: Casey Morgan
Assistant Choreographer: Emily Kjeer
Stage Manager: Noella Wigtil
Assistant Stage Manager: Eleonore Mumme
Lighting Operator: Liz Eder
Sound Operator: Caleb Hellman
Stagehand/Wardrobe: Jennifer Hopp, Michaela Schultz
Set Crew: Chris Anderson, Noah Dale, Madison Edgar, Gustav Erlandsson, Nathnael Haile, Voldi Kapongo, Isaiah Lippert, Eliezer Lubiba, Jean Marc Lubiba, Thomas Mamo, Kevin Agwu Ogbugha, Prajwal Bikram Oli, Sujay Paneru, Pani Poati, Joseph Roemhildt, Calel Sipe, Rachel Sipe, Emily Van Asperen, John Wagner
Lighting Crew: Jessica Berlinger, Liz Eder, Caleb Helman, Olivia Lippert, David Luehring, Jon Smith, Tyler Voigt, Claire Widmer, Elise Widmer
Costume Crew: Jessica Berlinger, Emma Bloedel, Kristi Hislop, Emily Kjeer, Kaitlin Lange, Lydia Lonnquist, Makayla Nelson, Tessa Snyder, Laura Sonnek, Maren Thompson, Emily Van Asperen, Gwen Ward, Claire Widmer, Elise Widmer, Special thanks: Lydia Grabau, Susan Harstad, Rose Shrader
Puppet Artisans: Kirsten Elyea, Alicia Kranz, Megan Sauer, Morgan Sauer
Poster Design: Jacob Walter
Playbill Layout: Leah Kurth
Fine Arts Coordinator: Susan Harstad
Box Office Manager: Paul Wold