Meaghan (Dahlke) Johnson (’10)

Meaghan Johnson (Dahlke) (2010)Meaghan, a 2010 Bethany Communication Major graduate, is the Marketing Manager for Hartfiel Automation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

WHAT DO YOU DO • • • I currently work as the Marketing Manager for Hartfiel Automation. There I oversee all branding and communication efforts throughout a five state territory. It is my responsibility to come up with strategic and innovative marketing campaigns to drive business to the company. I work alongside a group of very talented engineers daily in order to market our products properly.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU • • • My job is very challenging. I am constantly trying to stay “ahead of the curve” when it comes to new campaigns. I love the fast paced atmosphere and ever changing attitudes of our customers. I love that I am able to continue learning new things, and challenge myself daily.

HOW BETHANY HAS PREPARED YOU • • • Bethany did an excellent job in preparing me for the “real-world.” Both the curriculum and the ability to collaborate with classmates on certain projects taught me the value of teamwork, which I use daily in my career. The professors and coaches at Bethany challenged me in the classroom as well as on the tennis court, and taught me you will need to work hard, have determination, and never give up if you want to reach certain goals.

WHAT YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT BETHANY • • • I will forever remember the “family” of Bethany, the feeling of belonging, along with the friendships that have lasted beyond graduation.

ADVICE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS • • • Never give up. I know it sounds cliche, but the moment you stop trying, someone chasing after the same dream as you is still pushing the limits and not giving up. Surround yourself with positive people, laugh, pray and enjoy every moment God has given you.