Andrew Halverson ('07) at Target Field.

Bethany grad is Twins broadcast manager

Andrew Halverson (Communication ’07) made the most of his senior year internship at Bethany. Andrew’s professors worked closely with him to allow the internship to comprise the majority of his senior year academic program. That focus ultimately paid dividends for Halverson.

“I was fortunate to receive an internship with the Minnesota Twins when I had nine credits remaining toward my BA. Bethany was gracious enough to work with me on those nine credits, so that I could focus entirely on my internship and still graduate on time,” Halverson explained.

Halverson’s degree in communication carried with it an emphasis in broadcast. That emphasis was strengthened due to his work as a student on Maverick Hockey Broadcast, a partnership that sees Bethany students, directed by BLC communication faculty and staff, producing live broadcasts of NCAA Division I hockey games in Mankato’s Verizon Center.

Andrew was fortunate to be hired by the Twins after his internship. With his work ethic and Bethany education, Andrew made his way through the Twins’ broadcast ranks. He was first hired as broadcast coordinator, and today he is the broadcast manager with a goal to ensure that the Twins brand and initiatives are delivered through all television and radio broadcasts.

Halverson was able to hone his broadcast skills while a student at Bethany because of the real world experiences that are part of the communication program, and he notes that Bethany students have a special opportunity. “College is a great time to learn about yourself; the more you learn, the more confident you can be in what makes you unique. Always lean on the mentors and professors around you. They want you to succeed—use them and their advice. Above all, God always has a plan for you. I am extremely grateful for the blessings He has given me.”