Rachael Melby ('16)

Recent graduate, Melby, set to attend law school

Rachael Melby is a December 2016 graduate of Bethany Lutheran College, and has set her sights on a career in law. Her experiences as an undergraduate at Bethany led to a terrific opportunity at Georgetown University Law Center as an investigative intern, which ultimately helped her along the path to Law School at the University of Minnesota.  

Just after her graduation from Bethany in December 2016, Melby began an exciting experience at the Georgetown University Law Center as an investigative intern. Melby worked in the area of criminal defense through the Prisoner Advocacy Clinic, and investigated criminal cases for two public defenders. She gained considerable experience while conducting field investigations, interviewing witnesses, taking statements, serving subpoenas, attending court proceedings, helping to brainstorm defense theories, completing criminal background and social media checks, and canvassing crime scenes. 

Melby said, “It was an incredible, eye-opening experience that taught me so much about the inner-workings of the criminal justice system and solidified my passion for criminal law.”

Melby spent the summer of 2017 investigating for the Innocence Project of Minnesota and will attend the University of Minnesota School of Law in the fall.

Melby credits her advisors at Bethany, Dr. Sara Edwards and Dr. Jennifer Wosmek, for helping her achieve her dreams of attending law school. 

“Over my three and a half years at Bethany, they encouraged me to pursue my passions and pushed me far beyond my comfort zone. They believed in me from the very beginning and invested countless hours in my education and mentoring. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without them.”

She went on to say, “I remember the people most from my time at Bethany. I made so many life-long friends and have countless memories from playing soccer and getting involved with clubs and organizations that I will forever cherish. Bethany is an incredibly unique place, home to so many genuinely kind people who truly want to see others succeed.” 

Bethany Lutheran College wishes Rachael all the best as begins her law school studies and continues on the path of helping others.