Judy Hed with cafeteria Halloween treets.

Campfire for a Cause

Among a long list of positive things about Bethany Lutheran College, perhaps one attribute that rises to the top is the wonderful personalities on campus. Bethany is a college where personal mentorship occurs on a variety of levels. That includes professors, library staff, resident assistants, and in the case of this story – the cafeteria staff. 

Judy Hed has been a fixture in the BLC cafeteria for nearly three decades. The desserts she prepares every day are the thing cafeteria legends are made of. And Judy always serves the desserts with a warm smile on her face and friendly conversation to follow. Consequently, Judy is a very well liked campus personality. 

And Judy doesn’t just leave that smile at the door to the cafeteria each day. For several years now, Judy has hosted Bethany students, at her expense and at her home, for an annual bonfire in her backyard. Students love to get off campus, relax, and enjoy some of Judy’s excellent campfire cuisine. 

Alumnus Scott Fassett (’14) was among the first group of students who attended Judy’s backyard get together. When Scott recently returned to campus, he mentioned that his employer, Thrivent Financial, might be able to help her with the growing expenses for the annual campfire cookout provided the students attending participated in a service project that could in some way benefit the Mankato community. 

This past October, a group of 30 students showed up at Judy’s campfire with nearly 100 pounds of food for the Mankato Food Shelf. A win for everyone involved! 

It’s that kind of community spirit at Bethany that makes the campus atop the hill in Mankato a great place to spend four years!