The Women of Troy (2017)

The Women of Troy is an ancient Greek drama with deep contemporary ties that focuses on the women and children that are left behind after a brutal war. These captive women, royalty and commoners alike, await their fates at the hands of Greek conquerors after the invasion and destruction of their homes. The Women of Troy, newly translated from Euripides by Jacob Kempfert, is adapted by Benji Inniger and Jacob Kempfert, and directed by Benji Inniger.

The Women of Troy

Poseidon: Hans Bloedel 
Athena: Tessa Snyder 
Hekuba: Lydia Lonnquist 
Talthybios: Amir Trotter 
Cassandra: Beret Ouren
Andrea: Sophia Weisensel 
Menelaos: Andrew Schuler 
Helen: Anna Meyer 
Chorus of Trojan Women: Tessa Anderson, Madelaine Cordes, Liz Eder, Patricia Lilienthal, Olivia Lippert, AJ Mildebrandt, Audrey Rundgren, Gwen Ward 


Translator: Jacob Kempfert
Director: Benji Inniger
Scenic Designer and Painter: Peter Bloedel
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Composer and Sound Designer: Benji Inniger
Technical Director and Scene Shop Supervisor: John Merseth, Jr
Recording Musicians: Kenneth Freed (viola), Sharon Mautner-Rodgers (cello), The Mary Martha Singers (Ann Fredrickson: Conductor)
Other Musicians: Alyssa and Benji Inniger
Assistant Director: Tessa Snyder
Stage Manager: Noella Wigtil
Dramaturg/Assistant Stage Manager: Maren Thompson
Lighting Operator: Claire Widmer
Sound Operator: Caleb Helmen
Run Crew: Mathew Allen, Michaela Schultz
Set Crew: Christopher Anderson, Gabby Baker, Hannah Bockoven, Anna Boettcher, Dominic Flunker, Voldi Kapongo, Eliezer Lubiba, Jean Marc Lubiba, AJ Mildebrandt, Pani Poati, Gideon Ripley, Andrew Schuler, Tessa Snyder, Laura Strom, Gediyon Tadasse, Madelynn Thompson, Jonathan Tona, John Wagner, Claire Widmer, Elise Widmer
Lighting Crew: Beret Ouren, Claire Widmer, Caleb Helmen, AJ Mildebrandt
Costume Crew: Emma Bloedel, Kaitlin Lang, Jon Smith, Lydia Lonnquist, Laura Strom, Claire Widmer, Gwendalyn Ward
Poster Design/Playbill Layout: Leah Kurth
Fine Arts Coordinator: Susan Harstad