The Strom Family in front of the Old Main entrance with three generations represented.

Legacy Families Are A Special Part Of Bethany

Professor Emeritus Erling Teigen, Bethany Lutheran College archivist, wrote a terrific story for our most recent edition of the Bethany Magazine about alumni legacy families at Bethany. It’s a wonderful testament which demonstrates, in part, why Bethany is such a special institution of higher education. What follows are excerpts from the story. You may read the entire story (with photos) in the December 2017 issue on the Bethany Magazine webpage

Earlier this semester at the faculty/staff coffee table, someone pointed out to me that there was a family where both parents of three present students, both paternal grandparents, and both great-grandparents were graduates of Bethany. That was the Strom family, which we may call “the perfect Strom.”

That there are such families who have sent their young people to Bethany generation after generation certainly says something about our college – that so many believe in this kind of Christian higher education that prepares men and women for faithful lives — lives of faith in their Lord Jesus now and in eternity, and lives of service in their families, churches, society, and vocation. It is heartwarming to all who love Bethany Lutheran College that so many generations have benefitted from the instruction in the Christian faith, and the comfort of the gospel preached in our chapel and taught in our classrooms.

It’s a blessing for any college to enroll legacy students, regardless of the number of generations represented, but we’re particularly fortunate to have four-generation legacy families such as the Stroms carrying on a family tradition of attending Bethany. We’re also committed to making Bethany an affordable choice for alumni families. We’ve established the The Bethany Alumni Scholarship which is availalbe to incoming students whose parent or grandparent attended Bethany Lutheran College. The $1,250 Alumni Scholarship is renewable each year with a four year value of $5,000.