Oklahoma! (2018)

In the Oklahoma territory during the turn-of-the-century land rush, a boastful cowboy named Curly and a surly ranch hand named Jud are both in love with Laurey. Though she really loves Curly, stubborn Laurey spites him by going to a dance with Jud. There, Curly proves his love by bidding all he owns for Laurey’s lunch basket. They marry, and after the ceremony, Jud picks a fight with Curly and is killed by his own knife. After Curly is acquitted, the newlyweds ride off to celebrate their honeymoon.

Artistic Direction by Ann Fredrickson
Musical Direction by Dennis Marzolf

Music by Richard Rodgers
Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II



Aunt Eller: Bailey Rogotzke
Curly: Adam Tecken
Laurey: Natalie Dworak
Ike Skidmore: Andrew Schuler
Fred: Evan Starkel
Slim: Ian Overn
Will Parker: Daniel Nusbaum
Jud Fry: Tony Cordes
Ado Annie Carnes: Jemimah Cordes
Ali Hakim: Hans Bloedel
Gertie Cummings: Ruth Mayer
Andrew Carnes: Paul Gullixson
Cord Elam: Abe Faugstad
Kate: Hailey Dick
Ellen: Lydia Lonnquist
Virginia: Anna Meyer
Louisa: Natania Emmons
Vivian: Patricia Lilienthal
Farmers, Cowmen, Wives and Daughters: Emma Bloedel, Anna Boettcher, Broderick Brown, Maggie Degner, Dustin Edmison, Tim Faugstad, Ezekiel Grabau, Caleb Helmen, Emily Kjeer*, Kiana Krszjzaniek, Rachel Kurtenbach*, Brett LaBore, Olivia Lippert*, Laura Marzolf, Amber Matzke*, Leanna Matzke, Christopher Nelson, Kate Nusbaum, Emeline Ring, Sam Shubert, Jon Smith, Tessa Snyder*, Maren Thompson*, Amir Trotter, Benjamin Wessel, Will Westedt, Claire Widmer, Elise Widmer
* featured dancer


Artistic Director: Ann Fredrickson
Musical Director: Dennis Marzolf
Choreographer: Carissa Ott
Technical Director/Set Designer/Scene Shop Supervisor: John E Merseth, Jr.
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Jake Yenish
Stage Manager: Gwendalyn Ward
Assistant Stage Manager: Lydia Boehlke, Patricia Lilienthal
Dance Captain: Rachel Kurtenbach
Piano: Dennis Marzolf, Laura Matzke
Light Board Operator: AJ Mildebrandt
Spot Light Operator: Audrey Rundgren, Kyle Lauria
Set Crew: Christopher Anderson, Gabbriella Baker, Emma Bloedel, Hans Bloedel, Anna Boettcher, Tony Cordes, Abe Faugstad, Tim Faugstad, Dominic Flunker, Caleb Helmen, Ben Johnson, Rachel Kurtenbach, Kaitlin Lange, Ruth Mayer, Abigail Mildebrandt, Jordan Poff, Anish Poudel, Andrew Schuler, Tessa Snyder, Evan Starkel, Laura Strom, Jayde Thompson, Jonathan Tona, John Wagner, Claire Widmer, Elise Widmer
Costume Design Assistants: Kaitlin Lange, Claire Widmer
Costume Crew: Emma Bloedel, Rosemary Hampton , Emma Hislop, Kristi Hislop, Kaitlin Lange, AJ Mildebrandt, Rose Shrader, Isabella Stevens, Claire Widmer, Elise Widmer, Gwendalyn Ward 
Poster Design: Anna Meyer
Playbill Layout: Leah Kurth
Fine Arts Coordinator: Susan Harstad


Piano: Dennis Marzolf, Prof. Laura Matzke
Flute: Angelica Ramsey, Kiara Riehl
Clarinet: Joel Maunula
Percussion: Grace Rysdahl