Abigail Vance '15

Delivering On A Promise – A Professor's Impact

One of the more common remarks you’ll hear about many colleges and universities often centers on the caring, approachable faculty at a particular institution. At Bethany Lutheran College (BLC), we mention this attribute in our admissions materials and refer to it often when talking with prospective students. Personal mentoring is one of the five points in Bethany’s vision statement that we promise to deliver when you’re a student at BLC. We talk about it, however, it’s when a student or graduate willingly mentions this particular feature that the true impact of a Bethany education really shines. 

Bethany is a proud member of the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC), or as the consortium is often referred to – Minnesota’s Private Colleges. We were happy to learn of MPCC’s interest in our web feature about alumna Abigail Vance. Vance is a 2015 Bethany graduate who majored in psychology. Take a moment to see Abigail’s story on the MPCC website, and then follow the link to read her full story (in her own words) on the Bethany website. There you’ll learn about her Bethany experience and read about how a particular professor helped to shape her career aspirations and personal outlook on life’s journey.