Sarah Kruckeberg (’14)

Sarah Kruckeberg (2014)Sarah Kruckeberg, a 2014 Bethany biology graduate, is currently in the South Dakota State University pharmacy graduate program.

WHAT YOU DO • • • At work I make sure prescriptions get entered and filled correctly, counsel patients on how best to take their medications and possible side effects, and do follow ups with them to maintain adherence and best possible patient care. I just graduated with honors and received a B.S. in pharmaceutical sciences and am excited to continue my journey on to being a pharmacist.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU • • • I found through one of my last classes at Bethany that I enjoy teaching people about a subject I know well, but also love all things science. Becoming a pharmacist ensures that I get to continue learning throughout my career and I get to make sure people understand what they are taking and how they should be taking it.

HOW YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE • • • I want to show people that pharmacists are more than just a counter, and that we do so much more to ensure the health of our patients than just fill prescriptions. Becoming a pharmacist would allow me to help treat people and not just their disease states.

WHAT YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT BETHANY • • • The amazing professors I found in all departments, not just biology. They have a willingness to help their students that I greatly appreciated. The professors at Bethany light a fire in their students and encourage the students to explore their chosen field.

ADVICE FOR CURRENT STUDENTS • • • Don’t be afraid to ask professors questions and develop a relationship with them. Classes become so much easier when there is an open line of communication. Be involved! The four years you are at Bethany fly by, so don’t be afraid to try new things.