Professor Benji Inniger (center) with composers Conrad Pope (left) and Nan Schwartz.

High Level Classroom Prep

Associate Professor of Theatre Benji Inniger took a very unique, and perhaps inspirational approach, to his preparation for teaching this fall semester’s offering of Music 480 – Composing for Media class. Inniger was in Baden, Austria, in late July and early August for two weeks learning from some of the top film music composers and arrangers in the world! 

Inniger, who has penned many scores for both theater productions, film, and video himself, was among a group of composers to attend the Hollywood Music Workshop (HMW). HMW brings talented composers from around the world together to one place, and offers first-class courses in an inspiring, working environment. The workshop is held annually and strives to establish a personal relationship between lecturers (who are industry leaders) and the participants. This approach allows each to profit from one another. The conference included lectures, demonstrations, and composition assignments. Notable presentors included TJ Lindgren, Conrad Pope, and Nan Schwartz

Inniger said of the experience, “The conference knocked me out in the best possible way. It’s not easy to find opportunities that are taught at the very highest level. I was able to work with composers from every corner of the globe, and I believe that I matured as a person, composer, and as a teacher.” 

This excellent preparation will certainly also benefit Inniger’s students and their work at Bethany in the “best possible way.”