Professor Mark Wiechmann of the Psychology Department teaches a class at Bethany Lutheran College

Mark Wiechmann

Academic Interests

  • Freeing students from the isolating effects of today’s technology
  • Categorizing mental illness with the new multi-dimensional Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)
  • Using psychological evidence to support our understanding of why people are broken from a Christian perspective

Why I Teach at Bethany

College is the time when decisions are made about what a person believes in and what they stand for apart from their parents. What a joy to be part of such an important time in a young person’s life.

Examples of what I enjoy most:

  • Interacting with a young mother who, as a first generation college student, is struggling with her parents who have their own ideas about their daughter’s future but also help with her child so she can follow her dream.
  • Interacting with an athlete who knew no other goal than his sport, but now starts to see new and bigger passions; these passions absorb his sense of purpose and an invested mature man emerges who will truly make a real difference in society.
  • Interacting with a fearful young lady whose anxiety and headaches make her fearful of not being successful at college; yet each year that she’s here her confidence grows and she starts to show her tremendous love for others and ability to sense their needs and understand their pain because of her own life struggles.