Student sits on floor behind video camera to record a shot

Media Arts Senior Connects In Los Angeles

Bethany media arts senior Sam Shubert spent his fall semester studying at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC) in California. LAFSC is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), which Bethany Lutheran College joined in 2017. LAFSC specializes in film production. Students learn to shoot and edit while being guided by faculty who are working professionals and highly regarded experts in their field. Bethany’s media arts program pushes students to develop a professional network, which was one of the main benefits of Shubert’s experience at LAFSC.

After extending his college career by one semester as result of his time at LAFSC, Shubert is set to graduate from Bethany in May 2019. “I went to LA because it’s closer to what I’m looking for career-wise,” said Shubert.

Part of the sixteen-credit semester at LAFSC is a required internship. Once students are accepted into the program they work with the coordinator to find an internship. Shubert interned at AbelCine in Burbank, California, a film production rental house where he gained experience with some of the top film cameras in the industry. In addition to the internship, Shubert had a full slate of courses which included a Hollywood production workshop, a narrative storytelling class, and a faith and artistic development course, which focused on how faith can play a role in your development in the industry.

Shubert was also able to work with Bethany alumnus Marcus Taplin (‘11) on a commercial shoot while in Los Angeles, Bethany’s Production Studio Manager, Greg Vandermause commented on the opportunity, “It’s a great benefit for Bethany students to make professional connections, and Shubert’s experience with a high end shooter like Taplin will certainly benefit him professionally.”  

While Los Angeles may seem far from Mankato, Shubert acclimated to the internship demands nicely, and met several students from other Minnesota colleges who also enjoyed a semester in California. Shubert encourages other students interested in LAFSC, or other programs, to do their homework and research beforehand.

Shubert spent his first three years at Bethany involved with its Minnesota State hockey broadcast program, an experience that helped prepare him for LAFSC. “A lot of the terminology and equipment knowledge I’ve gained through the broadcast was very helpful in learning the film side,” he explained.

Vandermause sees more opportunities like Shubert’s on the horizon for media arts students, “We are looking further into building a semester off campus into the media arts program for students looking to specialize in film.”