Avis Van Zomeren

Avis Van Zomeren – Graduation Year 2017 – Business Administration Customer and Product Support Representative, John Deere, Moline, IL

What you do:

Avis Van Zomeren

I am in Deere’s marketing and customer support development program, which involves three different rotations to three separate locations and projects over the course of approximately two years. My first rotation was in Moline, IL, at the Seeding Group, where I was responsible for supporting planter and air seeder optimization. This included the creation of operational videos for customers as well as mobile apps to help them in the field. I recently moved on to my second rotation in Cedar Falls, IA, where I am part of the current and future tractor platform team. Here I am involved in virtual reality serviceability reviews for large tractors that are not even released yet, which is quite exciting. This summer, I will be in Orlando, FL, for 2 months, supporting one of the company’s regional training programs focused on small ag integrated solutions.

What inspires you:

I come from a long line of Iowa farmers, and John Deere equipment has been an important part of my family’s history.

How you want to make a difference:

In the future, I hope to be a product manager at Deere in the Des Moines area. I am hugely passionate about horses, and wish to end up back on the farm someday, Lord willing.

How Bethany has prepared you:

Having the opportunity to go to a small Christian school where one could be involved in multiple different activities was wonderful. I learned the importance of choosing a career path, while nurturing other passions at the same time. I so enjoyed being a part of the choir, string band, theater, senate, etc., and continue to be involved with music to this day. Dean Shoop and Sarah Harstad were simply fantastic professors/advisors/life coaches, and have been huge influences in my life. Being an RA for two years in Anderson Hall also taught me the value of good leadership, problem solving skills, and building relationships.

What you remember most about Bethany:

I remember the familial atmosphere, and the close-knit christian community. It is also truly unique to have professors who treat you like real people rather than numbers, and maintain relationships with you after graduation.