Danielle Cagle

Danielle Cagle -Class of 2018 – Elementary Education

What you do:

Kindergarten teacher MACCRAY East Elementary School Raymond, MN

Danielle Cagle

At MACCRAY we typically have a 4-day school week (on occasion we will have school on Monday’s, but not frequently). I am one of two Kindergarten teachers at MACCRAY East. I spend my school days teaching students ranging from 5-6 years old and ensuring that both their educational and emotional needs are being met.

What inspires you:

I am drawn to teaching because I love children. I love the opportunity of being able to shape young minds and the fact that I can create a safe and fun environment at school. My students inspire me to work harder, to create more fun and hands-on lessons, and to love harder every day.

How you want to make a difference:

My only career goal is to be a shining light for students in need. I strive to meet not only the educational needs of my students, but also their emotional and physical needs as well.

How Bethany prepared you:

Bethany has 100% prepared me for my teaching career. The education professors (Dr. Browne, Dr. Pfeifer, and Dr. Lienig) instilled amazing God-centered values in the teacher that I have become and will continue to grow to be. I cannot thank them enough for their continued dedication to each and every one of their students, including myself.

What you remember most about Bethany:

When I think back on my time spent at Bethany, the memories that I cherish most are the times spent in our education classes. The fun-loving, but productive atmosphere that I was lucky enough to take part in can never be compared to that of any other institution. I remember creating loud, off-key music with recorders, singing songs in different accents, writing silly poems, and learning how to teach a multitude of students in so many different ways.

Advice for current students:

My advice for current students is to take the time to marvel at all of the amazing opportunities and fun experiences that Bethany, and more importantly, the education professors provide. Don’t procrastinate (even though I know you will anyways) and really take time to journal and reflect on your every day life.