Maintenance Assistant

  • Department: Maintenance
  • Supervisor: Mike Fletcher


Assist maintenance staff with the following:

  • Vehicle maintenance
    • Wash, wax, and vacuum
    • Run for parts
    • Deliver vehicles for servicing
  • Building maintenance
    • Change light bulbs
    • Spackle and paint
    • Fix windows, doors, blinds
    • Clean and organize workshop
  • Carpentry
    • Build and fix furniture
  • Perform other duties assigned.

Work schedule

  • Days per week:  flexible
  • Hours per week:  varies

Minimum qualifications

  • Ability to climb ladders
  • Able to lift/push/pull up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to use various power tools
  • Ability to work under adverse conditions and in difficult work positions (e.g., squatting) and locations (e.g., tunnels)
  • Maintain valid driver’s license
  • Able to meet attendance requirements