Teaching Aide (MacPherson)

  • Department: History
  • Supervisor: Ryan MacPherson


  • Assist with research tasks
    • locate sources in the library or online
    • browse a collection of sources and analyze pertinent sources
    • provide written summaries of source content
  • Assist with preparing customized course readers for history classes
    • download public domain texts
    • type, format, and proofread
  • Perform other duties assigned; past examples include
    • preparing PowerPoint presentations for Constitution Day
    • correlating students’ and professors’ schedules for Senior Seminar defenses
    • aggregating assessment data in respect to departmental and institutional learning objectives
    • assisting history students with development and orgainzation of a biographical and congregational profile archive for use in class service learning project
    • formatting students’ work for publication to the ELS Historical Society website (proofreading, citation polishing, html tagging, etc.)

Work schedule

  • Days per week:  flexible within M – F
  • Hours per week:  5 – 10

Minimum qualifications

  • Library research skills:  Independently locating and analyzing materials pertinent to a research question, and providing concise written summaries with full citations.
  • Computer skills: LibreOffice is preferred, but Microsoft office is acceptable (either way, including spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software abilties): file sharing abilities via Dropbox.
  • Language skills: Clear and professional oral and written communication in English is essential; background in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and/or German would be especially helpful for certain research topics.
  • Background knowledge: Familiarity with U.S. and world history, philosophy, and/or theology is strongly preferred, with a willingness to learn as needed for particular research tasks.
  • Scheduling: Able to meet attendance requirements (to be established in consultation with the supervisor).