Hayes Schneider (’18)

Digital Graphic Design Specialist, Minnesota Wild Hockey Club, Saint Paul, Minnesota

What You Do:

On normal work days, I create a variety of marketing materials ranging from print ads, social media content, and TV ads. On game days, during concerts, and for other events I manage over 500 TVs and create and manage all the content that will display throughout the different events.

What Inspires You:

Headshot of alumnus Hayes Schneider
Hayes Schneider

I’ve been drawn to motion graphics because every time it’s a new challenge for me on what I want to create, what I imagine in my mind, and how I’m going to make it come to life. And after the process of creating it, it leaves me with a sense of pride, and then to share it with other and I can see that they’re awed or perplexed by it is what pushes me to keep creating the next thing.

How You Want To Make A Difference:

With the Wild, there’s a saying that is said many times: “Creating a greater state of hockey.” I’ve really taken to that saying, but I had to think on how I could do that as a designer and came up with when I make something, make it better and make it in a way that will excite people or spark some kind of response.

How Has Bethany Prepared You:

Maverick Hockey Weekend: The hockey broadcast was definitely what prepared me the most. Working in the broadcast, being pushed to learn new systems, enjoying it, and trying to create the best work I can. Friends pushed me to join, then Greg Vandermause pushed me to learn XPression, and then Amanda Quist pushed me to create a new logo and assets for the broadcast.

Non-broadcast related, Kurt Paulsen pushed me to branch out of my comfort zone, experiment, and find what I enjoyed and was passionate about. And because of that I was able to have fun creating my final project, a mock esports broadcast package.

What You Remember Most About Bethany:

Everything about the hockey broadcast. The people I worked with, the hype moments, the losses, the late nights, the early mornings, and of course the pizza.

Advice For Current Students:

Get out and do stuff outside of the classroom. There are opportunities out there that can pave a way for you, and once you find it, push to do the best and most that you can.