Justine Bennett (’18)

A head shot of alumna Justine Bennett for her alumna profile page.
Justine Bennett

Justine Bennett, Graphic Designer with Minuteman Press

What you do:

I work with a variety of customers updating and creating new designs. The projects include wide format signs for companies around the area including Hilton Double Tree Hotels and Ford Dealerships. I also help with new companies establishing logos and branding.

What inspires you:

There is always something different with design. Either creating it or seeing it, there is always something you can learn or be inspired by.

How Bethany prepared you:

The graphic design program at Bethany is amazing. I appreciated the professors who helped me all four years; Andy Overn, Amanda Quist, Bill Bukowski, and Eric Ouren. They showed us the roots of design with our trips to New York and Italy to see some of the best art in the world.

What you remember most about Bethany:

The most enjoyable parts were the art study trips with my best friends going to New York City and Italy seeing all the art that we could. It’s something that most people won’t ever get to experience.