graduates walk by a bed of tulips on the campus

President Pfeifer shares a personal letter to the Class of 2020

Dear May 2020 Bethany graduates,

Bethany President Gene Pfeifer clapping at a commencement ceremonyIn your honor, this morning, Friday, May 8, at 9:50 a.m., I stepped out of my office, and walked from Old Main to the Sports and Fitness Center. We should be making this traditional walk through the center of campus together leading to your 10:30 a.m. graduation ceremony.

I am so disappointed I can’t be participating in this time-honored tradition with you today. I want you to understand that your tremendous accomplishments are not diminished by circumstance. Rather, what you’ve undertaken in earning a baccalaureate degree is a big deal!

You’ve worked hard, acquired a skill set, and you’ve honed personal qualities that equip you well for productive and fulfilling lives in your future vocations in your family, workplace, community, and society.

What you’ve achieved is unique among the United States population – and I, and the Bethany family, extend to you our sincere congratulations. We pray, that as you go out into the world with your Bethany degree, your hearts be filled with the love of what Jesus has done for you. And may you go and be a witness in the world of what Jesus has done for all.

God’s Blessings to you the Bethany Class of 2020.

President Pfeifer