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Preventative health measures a campus priority in pandemic times

As Bethany Lutheran College prepares to open the 2020-21 academic year on August 25, the entire campus is readying for an experience that will look and feel much different than normal. The COVID-19 virus will undoubtedly affect Bethany Lutheran College, whether it is the possibility of cases emerging on campus, or simply the changes in protocol that disrupt the usual schedule. Everything from life in the residence halls, to attending classes and daily chapel services will be a new experience, and perhaps a test of the BLC community’s patience and understanding.

Already before the prior academic year closed virtually in May, the Bethany administration began planning for the new school year in pandemic times. A goal of the planning process was to ensure a campus environment that encourages the Bethany community to think of others before self as it relates to health. BLC students and employees are working with vigilance and safety in mind while employing precautionary measures meant to both preserve and promote the collective wellbeing of the Bethany campus.

President Gene Pfeifer talked about the new procedures that will be in place for the foreseeable future. “Everyone studying and working at Bethany plays a role in keeping themselves and others safe. We’re asking everyone to think of others first. Our goal is to preserve the students’ learning opportunities and campus experiences while remaining open in person throughout the Fall Semester.”

Pfeifer explained that an understanding of campus responsibility was developed by the administration with the request that all Bethany students and employees look out for the safety of others.

“The commitment to the welfare of others will be important to adhere to both on-campus and off-campus, in the classroom, and throughout the Mankato community. Each member of the Bethany community has a responsibility to meet this challenge to stay healthy, together.”

The full list of objectives referred to as Vikings Together can be viewed by following this link.