Words Black Eyed Susan with female figure graphic for production

Black-Eyed Susan (2020)

Black-Eyed Susan is a comic play by Douglas Jerrold. The drama revolves around William, a sailor who returns to England to find that his wife, Susan, has fallen on hard times and is being harassed by her cruel landlord, a smuggler, and William’s superior officer. William is compelled to defend her honor, even to the point of court martial and death! Directed by Emily Kimball.

Written by Douglas William Jerrold

Black Eyed Susan

Susan: Annaliese Emmons
William: Peter Estrem, Jr.
Dolly/Admiral #1: Kayelynn Lawson
Doggrass: Joseph Roemhildt
Gnatbrain: Aaron Stuve
Jacob Twig/Pike: Erin Kelly
Captain Crosstree: Halle Blais
Hatchet/Master-at-Arms: Jacob Stellick
Ploughshare/Quid/Admiral #2: Anna Kerkow
Seaweed: Katriana Berglin
Blue Peter: Daylin Paulson


Scenic Designer/Painter: Peter Bloedel
Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor: Philip Wels
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Sound and Lighting Designer: Benji Inniger
Stage Manager: Kaitlin Loll
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Johnson
Set Crew: Hannah Petschke, Rachel Sipe, Joseph Roemhildt, Joshua Berndt, Greta Bloedel, and Mindy Pitzner
Costume Crew: Audrey Rundgren, Mizha Overn, Giana Peterson, Vianna Kovaciny, Sophie Zawiswa 
Lighting Crew: Daylin Paulson, Giana Peterson, Ashley Ward
Lighting/Sound Technicians: Giana Peterson and Ashley Ward
Poster Design: Lyla LaMay