Claire Widmer (’19)

Claire Widmer (’19)

Bethany Major: Theatre

Employment: Lead Deck Electrician at Sight and Sound Theatres in Ronks, Pennsylvanis. 

What you do: I’m in charge of the deck electricians, which is a part of the lighting department, at Sight & Sound. During performances, we work backstage to move and power sets, and in between performances, we perform maintenance on lighting fixtures. During changeover (when we’re switching to a new show), I’m in charge of a team as we strike (take down), clean, rehang, and focus fixtures.

What inspires you: I love being able to work in a unique career field, especially a theater like Sight & Sound because theater is such a powerful tool. Getting to use it to minister to people is a dream come true.

How you want to make a difference: I would love to work in lighting design someday, but for now I’m very content in the wonderful community that Sight & Sound provides.

How Bethany prepared you: Being able to practice theater at a small campus allowed me to take on an amount of responsibility that I would never get to experience at a large university. By the time I graduated, I had designed three shows, and those experiences are a blessing that help me in my career now.

What you remember most about Bethany: I loved being able to see all my friends at chapel every morning. Even if we didn’t have any classes together, getting to talk to them and worship with them was so relaxing, and it really prepared me for the day.

Advice for current students: Don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know what path God has planned for you, and you never know what experience will turn into a memory you will cherish forever