Jessica Berlinger (’19)

Bethany Major: English withSecondary Education

Jessica Berlinger (’19)

Employment: High School English Teacher at Springfield Public School in Springfield, Minnesota.

If you are continuing your education, what are you studying? Master’s Program; English track at Ohio Dominican University with an Est. graduation date 2021.

What you do: I teach 9th and 12th grade English at Springfield. With my freshman, I focus on developing their public speaking abilities along with some writing and reading. With my seniors, I help them organize their thoughts while writing and developing their own thoughts and ideas.

What inspires you: I enjoy English as well as being around and helping others. Teaching is fun because I get to interact with different students every day and build a relationship with them.

How you want to make a difference: I hope to encourage a love of learning and reading in my students. I want students to become lifelong learners so they are always growing and getting better.

How Bethany prepared you: The education professors at Bethany were so knowledgeable as well as diverse in their strengths. They modeled the traits that good teachers have. The English professors were also knowledgeable and were able to go in depth on certain topics, which helped expand my knowledge and understanding of those topics as well as inspire me to learn more about a wider variety of topics in general.

What do you remember most about Bethany: I remember the friendly faces and the professors who cared about my learning. I remember wanting to model myself and my teaching after many of the different professors I had. I also remember the strong focus on Christ that has developed and grown in my personal life.

Advice for current students: Enjoy college—I miss it! Ask your professors for help and set yourself up for success because it will pay off in your career and in your life in the long run.