Jordan Poff (’19)

Bethany Major: Engineering Sciences

Job: Truss Designer at Emmerich Wood Products, Andover, Minnesota

Jordan Poff (’19)

What you do: While working here, I lay out where floor and roof trusses are needed in houses using a CAD software. After that, I go in and engineer the trusses to see if they work. If not, I have to make changes to the webbing or the connections.

What inspires you: I was drawn to this field because it makes me feel like I am making a difference in the community in which I serve.

How you want to make a difference: My life goal is to get married to my Bethany sweetheart and have a family. One career goal is to find a job I like doing and that I am proud of. I would love to work at an amusement park or a car plant designing rides or cars using CAD software.

How Bethany prepared you: Bethany has helped me gain a better understanding of the world around me and given me the skills to serve my community. If it was not for the faculty and staff pushing me to do my best, I would have not been able to be where I am today.

What you remember most about Bethany: What I remember most about Bethany is the late nights talking to my fiancé and hanging out with friends. I also remember my 3 years playing men’s tennis; that was a blast.

Advice for current students: The advice I would give to current students is to manage your time wisely and always try to make time for friends. This might be your only college experience, so make the most of it.