Kendra Porath (’19)

Kendra Porath (’19)

Bethany Major: Biology and Psychology

Job: Radiation Oncology Graduate Researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

What you do: I study novel treatments for glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of malignant primary brain tumor. Through collaborations with Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, we conduct comparative research projects to identify personalized and translational treatments for patients. Kendra started medical school at the University of Minnesota in 2021.

What inspires you: I chose medicine to serve people. There’s something humbling about being trusted with a person’s life in your hands, changing their life for the better.

How you want to make a difference: My goal is to attend medical school in the fall of 2021. I am interested in pediatric oncology and emergency medicine.

How Bethany has prepared you: Bethany allowed me to pursue everything I was interested in. I was on the softball team, involved in SLS, psychology club, and SAAC, all while completing two majors.