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I Have a Song to Sing! (2021)

I Have a Song to Sing! A Savory and Sweet Charcuterie from the Savoy Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan.
Selections are featured from The Mikado, The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, and more. Performed February 4-7, 2021.
Artistic Direction by Ann Fredrickson
Musical Direction by Dennis Marzolf


I Have A Song to Sing!
Scenes & Cast:

I Have a Song to Sing, Oh!
Yeoman of the Guard (1888)
Jack Point: Ezekiel Grabau
Elsie: Vianna Kovaciny
Dame Carothers: Jasmine McGarigle
Phoebe: Ruth Kennedy

Three Little Maids/So Please You, Sir, We Much Regret
Mikado (1885)
Yum-Yum: Kathryn Matzke
Peep-Bo: Leanna Matzke
Pitti-Sing: Madeline Halvorson
Pooh-Bah: Christopher Nelson
Pish-Tush: Spencer Urban
Ko-Ko: Paul Gullixson

Tit-Willow/There’s Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast
Ko-Ko: Paul Gullixson
Katisha: Kayelynn Lawson

In a Doleful Train
Patience (1881)
Angela: Andrea Thomforde
Saphir: Debbi Boeck
Bunthorne: Noah Gernander
Colonel: Ezekiel Grabau
Duke: Paul Gullixson

When a Wooer Goes a Wooing
Yeoman of the Guard
Elsie: Annaliese Emmons
Phoebe: Danica Dick
Fairfax: Ambrose Palm
Jack Point: Spencer Urban

Act 1 Finale: Kind Sir, you cannot have the heart
The Gondoliers (1889)
Gianetta: Tamara Omar
Don Alhambra: Ezekiel Grabau
Tessa: Cianna Hoppe
Marco: Joe Roemhildt
Guiseppe: Paul Gullixson

The Woman of the Wisest Wit
Princess Ida (1884)
Psyche: Ashley Ward
Melissa: Cari Dworak
Cyril: Noah Gernander
Hilarion: Spencer Urban
Florian: Simon Kovaciny

Poor Wandering One
The Pirates of Penzance (1879)
Mabel: Mizha Overn

Modern Major General
The Pirates of Penzance
Major-General: Noah Gernander

A Many Years Ago and Finale: Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen
HMS Pinafore  (1878)
Buttercup: Greta Bloedel
Josephine: Anna Kerkow
Cousin Hebe: Jasmine McGarigle
Ralph: Joe Roemhildt
Dick: Christopher Nelson
Captain: Paul Gullixson
Sir Joseph: Simon Kovaciny

With Skyler Hepler, Laura Marzolf, and Sophie Pearce

Presenting in a command performance as Queen Victoria: Emily Kimball


Artistic Director: Ann Fredrickson
Musical Director: Dennis Marzolf
Director/A woman of the wisest wit: Daylin Paulson
Director/When a wooer goes a-wooing: Lee Schauer
Choreographer: Sophie Pearce
Set Designer/Technical Director: Peter Bloedel, Philip Wels
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Daylin Paulson
Sound Designer: Benji Inniger
Scene Shop Supervisor/Set Crew Chief: Philip Wels
Properties: Ann Fredrickson
Stage Manager: Greta Bloedel, Lee Schauer
Light Board Operator: Emily Johnson
Lighting Crew: Daylin Paulson, Giana Peterson, Ashley Ward
Set Crew: Nasteha Ali, Rachel Berg, Joshua Berndt, Greta Bloedel, Audra Dale, Noah Gernander, Holly Harris, Hannah Petschke, Mindy Pitzner, Joseph Roemhildt, Rachel Sipe, Sophie Zawisza
Costume Crew: Holly Harris, Vianna Kovaciny, Trevor Lomen, Ben Miklasz, Giana Peterson, Sophie Zawisza
Poster Design/Playbill Layout: Karee Bless


Piano: Dennis Marzolf, Laura Matzke
Percussion: Noah Gernander, Spencer Urban, Ann Fredrickson
Kazoo: Elfrieda Klunkenfass