The Art of Being Vague (2021)

Following the life of a boy named Colby, The Art of Being Vague is a fun yet serious short play. Colby learns from a young age that he can find success in life from being vague. Colby’s art of being vague continues to grow throughout his life as he convinces his classmates he’s cool, persuades an interviewer he’s best for the job, and rises to the top. Although this seemingly great art initially brings him great success, it ultimately comes at the expense of a wasted life.

The Art of Being Vague by Peter Bloedel, directed by Lee Schauer, was performed in the Sigurd K. Lee Theater in the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center March 5-7, 2021. This cautionary tale premiered for the first time ever on stage at Bethany Lutheran College.


The Art of Being Vague

Teacher, Job Interviewer, Board Member 4, Speaker: Anna Kerkow
Tammy, Nerd 2, Girl from work, Tara: Ashley Ward
Mother, Rom Com Girl 1, Board Member 1: Danica Dick
Bobby, Sport 2, Guy with a design project, Board Member 3: Erin Kelly
Narrator Colby: Ezekiel Grabau
Rom Com Girl 2, Maggie, Claire: Greta Bloedel
Time, Sport 1, Principal Lamp, Guy from work, Preacher, Michael: Joe Roemhildt
Father: Lee Schauer
Josie, Nerd 1, Board Member 2: Mizha Overn
Young Colby, Teenage Colby, Colby: Noah Gernander


Faculty Supervisor: Peter Bloedel
Technical Director/Scene Shop Supervisor: Philip Wels
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Sound and Lighting Designer: Benji Inniger
Stage Managers: Giana Peterson and Daylin Paulson
Set Crew: Rachel Berg, Joshua Berndt, Greta Bloedel, Debbie Boeck, Audra Dale, Holly Harris, Ben Kelm, Mindy Pitzner, Joseph Roemhildt, Lee Schauer, Rachel Sipe, Sah Suman, Sophie Zawisza
Costume Crew: Holly Harris, Vianna Kovaciny, Giana Peterson, Sophie Zawisza
Lighting Crew: Daylin Paulson, Giana Peterson, Ashley Ward
Follow Spot Operator: Emily Johnson
Poster Design: Karee Bless