Theatre Physics 28 (2021)

2021 marks the BLC Theatre Department‘s 28th year of the annual Theatre Physics performances. This exercise in creative energy features a variety of short scenes of original material by Bethany students and theatre faculty written, rehearsed, and readied in just four weeks weeks. Theatre Physics 28, featuring “Rules for Rom Coms”, was performed on September 24, 25, and 26, 2021.

Theatre Physics 2021

Halle Blais
Greta Bloedel
Holly Harris
Emma Lau
Andy Muske
Anna Kerkow
Simon Kovaciny
Vianna Kovaciny
Nick Pleiss
Joe Roemhildt
Jacob Stellick
Job Wosmek


Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting and Sound Designer: Benji Inniger
Scene Shop Supervisor: Philip Wels
Stage Manager: Emily Johnson
Lighting Board Operator: Melissa Murack
Sound Board Operator: Sophia Gernander
Backstage Assistant: Daryan Rosenthal
Lighting Crew: Daylin Paulson, Ashley Ward
Set Crew: Abigail Lane, Christine DeGier , Halle Blais, Greta Bloedel, Danica Dick, Annaliese Emmons, Holly Harris, Vianna Kovaciny, Ben Micklasz, Mizha Overn, Jacob Stellick, Sophie Zawisza, Audra Dale, Kris Zurn, Joshua Berndt, Arryanna Rosburg, Hannah Petschke
Costume Crew: Lizzy Strackbein, Christine DeGrier, Sophia Gernander, Trevor Loman
Fine Arts Events Coordinator: Maren Boucher