Dr. Johanna Sehloff  ’13

Bethany Major: Biology

Employment: Medical Fellow, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at the University of Minnesota

What you do: I have the amazing privilege to take care of kids; working with an astounding group of colleagues to make and keep kids healthy. 

What inspires you: Working with kids is my favorite. I think they best mirror my own personality and so finding a career that allows for me to be a goof a majority of the time while also being a life-long learner myself has been a perfect fit.

How you want to make a difference: I want to be a confident and experienced pediatrician. It is a privilege that parents will trust me with the care and well-being of their children and that is something I do not ever want to take lightly.

How Bethany prepared you: While Bethany is much smaller than most other colleges, I found that I was just as prepared for medical school as other students who had gone to much larger universities. In addition to feeling prepared academically, I felt like the broad range of activities I was able to participate in at Bethany far surpassed what other students were able to do at their larger schools. I was able to act in plays, take piano lessons, work on the hockey broadcast team, play intramural sports, and study abroad for a semester. Bethany’s smaller size allowed for me to try a lot of things that didn’t necessarily pertain to my major but I still enjoyed immensely.

What do you remember most about Bethany: Chapel is the best. Also, the professors genuinely care about you and want the best for you – use them as resources, mentors, and guides when you need help both in class and for life in general.

Advice for current students: Enjoy being a student. The “real world” and your futures will come all too soon, so make the most of your time in college: hang out with your friends, try out for a play, pick up a new instrument, eat a lot of pizza, and try not too rush into anything, God has his plan and his own timing for everything.